Thursday, August 30, 2012

Yuin PK1 coming soon.....

Well.... In order not to fall asleep at work, I need music (there's only so much coffee you can drink). I need something that doesn't leak sound, yet allows me to hear what's going on around me (in case my phone rings, or my boss calls me). Closed headphones and IEMs might not leak sound but they block out ambient noise pretty well too, leaving me in search of a good pair of earbuds.

There aren't really alot of audiophile grade earbuds, as earbuds are seen to be a much cheaper alternative to IEMs. The only choices left to me is the Japanese 9Wave, and the Yuin series. I couldn't achieve a close and tight fitting with the 9Wave, which is a pity, because I can tell it's good when i press the 9Wave tight into my ears with my fingers. Jaben didn't have a demo unit for the PK1 but I was able to listen to the PK2, and it totally blew my mind. Not only could I get a good fit with it, it sounds so good to my ears that I almost paid for it on the spot. However, I was told that the PK1 is a step up from the PK2 although it requires an amp to drive. That isn't a problem for me as I can use my O2 amp to drive it while at work.

I bought my PK1 online and it's en route to me right now, so expect to see a quick review on it when after it arrived.

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